Getting back to writing blogs

From the time I stopped writing blogs and stories, I have been constantly thinking of getting back to it on some day. I kept thinking that there would be a day when I'd have some impetus to get started on this journey again. However, there haven't been any, and neither there is one now. Probably a desire had been building up, or probably something was amiss and had to be restored. I don't have an answer now. After all, the hiatus lasted for a very long time.

I started writing way back in my school, with poems, articles and drafting my own speeches for declamation and debate competitions. I was the de-facto representative for my house/ squadron/ school, depending on which class I was in, whenever there was something to do with speaking or writing. Apart from winning almost every debate at school, I made it to the state level competition as well. With the help of these skill sets and experience, I made a mark in my college as well as university by winning several competitions, including winning a 3rd place in a Kannada debate competition (and for those who know my Kannada, its limited to speaking - and I tend to make mistakes here as well). That was a phase, when efforts were consistent with the goal.

Post college, it was a full stop as work kept me busy (or I turned lazy) from these adventures. I developed further interest in writing. I already had started writing blogs while in college, and this probably picked up the most when I had a year long break post college, and wandered like a nomad. It was then that each day of my life would be so different and I would have a story to tell. There was a time when I had 2 million views on my blog. From then, there have been accelerations and decelerations. Another important phase was when I decided to pen the stories of Ajeet entrepreneurs (alumni of Sainik School, Bijapur), and traveled to meet people, learn about their business and write their stories. This was a toiling effort, and it would take a dedicated 8-10 days (4-5 hours each day and almost entire weekend) to write these stories. These stories were then published in to a book named "Plan E - Mine your own business".

With this background, and a break of over three years hence, it could be quite a task to get back to writing. Plus, I am not even sure if people still read blogs these days, as at least I have moved on from reading to watching videos on the topics that I want to learn about. There are so many vlogs these days, and YouTube provides almost everything that you want. But then, writing is a skill that pushes you to do a lot, and in turn, enhances your thought process and outlook. Writing requires free flow of thoughts, and free flow of thoughts require a lot of interaction with people. reading and learning about things around us. Unfortunately, at this moment, all of these inputs are missing, and may be, this is the time to get the dice rolling. I plan begin with posting a few of my old blog posts, and simultaneously work on writing new ones.

So, do join in the adventure, and like almost every YouTube video ends these days, I conclude by saying, please like, share, comment and subscribe !!